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sabato 1 settembre 2012


Mentre aspetto la popolazione che sarà ospitata nel diorama "the day of the tournament", approfitto per fare il primo test sui materiali che utilizzerò nel prossimo progetto, un diorama sulla scoperta del Brasile.
While I wait for the population to be housed in the diorama "the day of the tournament," take this opportunity to make the first tests on the materials that I will use in the next project, a diorama about the discovery of Brazil.

Il primo test è relativo all'assemblaggio e pittura degli alberi di banana (Pegasus) .
The first test is related to the assembly and painting of the banana trees (Pegasus).

Primo passo : applicazione del primer. é il passaggio più noioso perchè sono necessari molti passaggi prima che il colore faccia presa sulla plastica.
First step: applying the primer. the transition is more boring because it takes several passages before the paint hardens the plastic.

Segue un leggero passaggio con del verde militare a cui ho aggiunto un pò di nero
The following is a slight passage with the military green to which I added a bit of black

ho spazzolato del color carne medio direttamente sul primer del tronco dell'albero
I brushed the flesh-colored medium directly on the primer of the tree trunk

Un colore giallo con poco rosso per le banane e per dare un aspetto secco ad alcune parti delle foglie
A yellow color with a bit of red for the bananas and to give a dry to some parts of the leaves

Ed ecco il risultato. Ciao a tutti  /   And here's the result. Ciao to all

4 commenti:

  1. that is some very nice work. The trees are very realistic, I may look into getting a few but first I would attempt to make a few out of natural materials

  2. hello Gowan, when I can I prefer to build everything myself. But, in this case, there are a large number of trees and, usually, my dioramas are quite extensive so I chose these trees Pegasus to speed up the work (and also to try them).

  3. it's a very good start!

    (I'm sorry that you have to do that why you're waiting my figs! no much time yet but I hope that I'll find some hours to achieve the work!)

    (and why did you add this b****y "Robot-Fighter" ????
    I've that to write:
    deptiMe 7 !!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi Sam, do not worry, as I told you take the time you need: ours is an enjoyable hobby, not a concern. Regarding the robot was necessary to introduce this element because my blog has been the object of attack. Still, as you see, I am forced to post comments and responses in a new window because I can not do it on the post page. a hug