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venerdì 14 settembre 2012

La mia prima conversione / My first conversion

Per il mio diorama sul torneo medievale ho pensato fin dall'inizio non tanto alla scena della giostra, con i cavalieri che si affrontano, quanto al tentativo di dare l'idea del giorno di festa, quindi con una folla di gente e un corteo con cavalieri, trombe e........tamburini. Già...i tamburini. Ma sul pur sconfinato mercato delle miniature 1/72 esiste così poco, quasi niente!!! Ho deciso così di creare da me il mio tamburino medievale e in questo post vi presento il risultato. Ho utilizzato un lancere preso dal set Medieval Tournament della Italery.

For my diorama on the medieval tournament I thought from the beginning, not so much to the scene of the ride, with the Knights facing each other, as the attempt to give the idea of ​​a celebration, then with a crowd of people and a procession with horsemen, trumpets and ........ drummers. Yeah ... the drummers. But while the boundless market figures 1/72 there is so little, almost nothing! I decided to create me from my drummer Medieval and in this post I present to you the result. I used a Lancer taken from the set of Italery Medieval Tournament.


Dopo aver tagliato la lancia in due pezzi per farne i bastoni del tamburo, ho utilizzato la gommina di una matita per formare il corpo del tamburo. / After cutting the lance in two pieces to make the drum sticks, I used the eraser of a pencil to form the body of the drum.

E questo il risultato. Cosa ne pensate? / And this is the result. What do you think?


9 commenti:

  1. This is wonderful indeed! You're first conversion and so well done. You've not been doing figures for long-remarkable. And my favortie thing of all is that you chose to make him into a drummer. Thank you!

  2. Thanks Anne, I'm glad you liked it, and I can honestly say that I am pleased with this first attempt. Someone wrote on Benno's forum a drummer in arms is not credible. I like to think that the drummers in battle with the army, they had to somehow protect ..... But then again, mine is only a first attempt. thanks for watching

  3. Essex makes mounted drummers and drummers as part as of foote regiments. I am Irish and drummers were an important part of our Celtic armies. I am a drummer myself and like to thing as you do. That these men also fought beside their fellow soldiers.

    But I am merely an artist and not a historian and I'm quite sure the forum would dismiss me easily!

  4. very good work, I think that he is a very good representation of a drummer for a tournament, armoured to show the wealth of the patron and given what looks like a very nice well made and decorative drum! Great first conversion

  5. tx Gowan for comment. I like very much the debate on this theme: we can learn and correct errors if necessary.

  6. A great idea, and a wonderful conversion!

  7. Great conversion Michele! And thanks for the how to do!


  8. thanks Peter! In fact, it was not difficult because the appear lent itself to easy conversion, I simply observe and imagine how I wanted. However, I really like to convert and this was just an first attempt "easy" to start.