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mercoledì 12 settembre 2012

Working on the ship San Gabriel (from Zvezda)

Alcune foto dei lavori in corso per il diorama "Descobrimento do Brasil". Montaggio e pittura dello scafo e della maggior parte degli accessori. / Some photos of work in progress for the diorama "Descobrimento do Brasil". Assembly and painting of the hull and most of the accessories.

11 commenti:

  1. Oh but she's beautiful. The wood looks naturally aged and I can almost feel the history coming off the page. I am looking forward to seeing the diorama you build for this.

  2. Thanks Anne, I'm not an expert in ship modeling, but I try to do the best I can

  3. I want one!!! That´s looking really good ...the crew and friends are all finished...and I´ll send ASP :-D
    paul for pics of some of them soon ;-D oldhote

  4. Excellent finish on that ship...I've seen so called experts that aren't this good

  5. oh, thanks for the compliments. So i'm not so bad ehehehehe.......Paul ,many thanks i'm waiting

  6. BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!
    it's another great work that you're doing !!!
    the figures are good !
    (even if the pictures are not very clear...)
    just one thing: a wash for the skin and some work on the white trousers)
    With the ones that Paul have painted for you(better and faster!), it will be perfect!)

  7. thanks Sam!!! Hope even this work will be good, but ,fist, we have something to publish before eheheheheh. see soon my friend!

  8. Eccellente! Congratulazioni! Come hai fatto questo dipinto?

  9. you're referring to the painting of the hull? well, some light coats of black priming followed by brown tint is increasingly clear. Thanks for watching!

    1. Thank you! I will try to apply this technique in my model!