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lunedì 3 settembre 2012


A few years ago, fascinated by the spectacular nature of the coast of Iparana (a few kilometers from the city of Fortaleza in the state of Ceara, Brazil), my brother bought a piece of land overlooking the sea, where it was only a small  fisherman's house and some palm here and there. With great passion he built the resort which has now become a place where you can spend wonderful days, a few steps from the ocean and surrounded by nature.

5 commenti:

  1. It's a beautiful resort in a gorgeous setting. You're diorama of it is stunning.

  2. Looks lovely!!! I like the last shot of the pool blending into the horizon.

  3. tx!!! the pool postion was an my brother's idea and it works very well. TX to Anne too, i'm thinking to make a dio of it.

  4. increadible, what a wonderful place! does your brother offer dicounts to people who follow your blog? :-D great dio and I hope that he lets you stay there often

  5. hi Gowan, all my friends get a special discount if they want to spend a few days at Barbaneraclub, including tasty grilled fresh fish from the ocean, swimming in the pool (or sea), and, perhaps, a few games of billiards. In short, everything that can entertain, relax and unwind. Yes, I go there too with pleasure a few times a year. a hug