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martedì 28 agosto 2012


some days it happens that blocked the ability to respond to comments. My friend Paul Hedges advised me to try to make the "log-out" and then re-open, but did not give satisfactory results. If anyone can help me ......I apologize to all those to whom I could not answer.

A precious collaboration

I'm really flattered to host in my blog masterfully painted figures by Pascal. He is doing this work for my diorama "the day of the tournament." You can find more photos and many interesting things on his blog! (

mercoledì 22 agosto 2012

Gabbione /Gabion

Nel medioevo accadeva spesso di vedere appena fuori dal borgo o dal castello gabbioni di ferro che ospitavano ladri. Ciò serviva a scoraggiare eventuali ladri , mostrando il trattamento che sarebbe stato riservato ad essi. La gabbia è autocostruita in cartoncino e misura 10mm di diametro per circa 24 mm di altezza. (alcuni passaggi in foto). Lo scheletro all'interno, rigorosamente 1/72, proviene dal set "undead" (Caesar) al quale è stata tolta la spada e modificata la postura.

In the Middle Ages was often to see just outside the village or castle iron cages that housed thieves. This served to deter thieves, showing that the treatment would be reserved for them. The cage is homemade  with cardboard and measuring 10mm in diameter by about 24 mm in height. (some steps in photo). The skeleton inside, strictly 1/72, comes from the set "undead" (Caesar) who has been deprived of the sword and changed the posture.

martedì 21 agosto 2012

Medieval guards on duty (Valdemar 1/72)

Another set from Valdemar miniatures, very well sculpted and very useful for dioramas medieval theme.

martedì 7 agosto 2012

Hei tu, torna a lavoro!!! / Hey you, go back to work!

La scena della taverna si arricchisce di nuovi ospiti. Un inserviente si attarda a parlare con un cavaliere di passaggio./ The scene of the tavern has been enhanced with new guests. An attendant will linger and talk to a Knight shift.

sabato 4 agosto 2012

The King ( Valdemar miniatures)

Un pezzo  della produzione Valdemar, 1/72 scale, dal set "Knightly life". Spero che qualche piccolo progresso nella pittura di queste figure quasi microscopiche cominci a vedersi. Ciao a tutti! / A piece of production Valdemar, 1/72 scale, from the set "Knightly life." I hope that some little progress in the painting of these figures, almost microscopic, begin to look. Hello everyone!

venerdì 3 agosto 2012

Test scene for "the day of the tournament" : the tavern.

E' iniziata la costruzione delle scene, con la taverna "fuori porta". I set utilizzati sono Med. Tavern people (Nicolai) e Med. Guards on duty (Valdemar) / It 'started the construction of scenes, with the tavern "out the door." The sets used are  Med Tavern people  (Nicolai) and Med Guards on duty (Valdemar).