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giovedì 9 agosto 2012

Two new knights

6 commenti:

  1. Better horses! simple but they look good, and it's the most important in a Great Dio like yours!
    (which set? Valdemar, sure, but I don't recognize it!)

    ( I wanted to update my last comment: you have some technical ways for painting the dio, I'm sure that they will work for painting figures!)
    Always happy to follow this Great Project!

    I've ^primed all the figures that I'm planning to paint for you, I'll will send you some pictures very soon!

  2. the figs are from Valdemar (herald and his entourage), i love them very much. the painting of miniatures requires an exercise that I have not yet matured, partly because my work does not leave me much time to devote to this hobby. Anyway go forward and hope to improve. I look forward to your photos. Ciao e grazie!!!

  3. very cool, how big is this place? can we get a whole overview??

    1. Well Gowan , the whole plastic measuring approximately 50 x 50 cm. A complete picture I have not yet done, but you can look at photos of the post UPDATE 23/06/2012, in the works in progress in my blog. Ciao

  4. 50 x 50? From the photos it looks way bigger. Nice looking riders.

  5. true? fell in love with this set, great. It is, more or less 50 x 50. a hug