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venerdì 3 agosto 2012

Test scene for "the day of the tournament" : the tavern.

E' iniziata la costruzione delle scene, con la taverna "fuori porta". I set utilizzati sono Med. Tavern people (Nicolai) e Med. Guards on duty (Valdemar) / It 'started the construction of scenes, with the tavern "out the door." The sets used are  Med Tavern people  (Nicolai) and Med Guards on duty (Valdemar).

7 commenti:

  1. I love it!!!!! It all looks so peacefull and a nice sunday afternoon at the beer garden

    1. Tx Paul,I'm happy to be able to create the atmosphere that i want!

  2. I second Paul!
    and I'm impressed by the level of your painting work Michele!
    very very good!
    I think that this dio will be a Great One !!!!!
    I love it!

  3. many tx Sam. Let me know how we can do to put some figures painted by you, will be an honor for me to share this diorama with your name. See you soon

  4. Perfect vignette, you did take the right figures to make the scene complete!
    Peaceful, lovely, nice, you name it ;-)
    Love your scenery the most!!

  5. LOVE IT. another great work to add to the list of great works your producing. I'd love to see the whole medievel world you're creating :-D

  6. I'm really happy that my work is to your liking. Hello Remco and Gowan!