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martedì 28 agosto 2012


some days it happens that blocked the ability to respond to comments. My friend Paul Hedges advised me to try to make the "log-out" and then re-open, but did not give satisfactory results. If anyone can help me ......I apologize to all those to whom I could not answer.

3 commenti:

  1. is there a possiblity that our comments and yours have gone to spam? I found comments people made went to spam so I put them pack. I still use the old blogger dashboard however don't know what to do for the new system.

  2. In a google blogger help forum is a post to a similar problem. There they say the system must allow third party cookies. Here is the Link..."!category-topic/blogger-de/allgemeines/FtpXTSd_OD4". Please have a look, maybe it's helpful.

  3. Can't help you a lot... but what is your navigator?
    perhaps can you try with another one? (for information, I don't have such problem and I use Firefox and the old blogger version because it don't block the comments with the b*****y Robot-Fighter !)