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sabato 15 settembre 2012

Pictures from a smithy in a castle (28 mm)

6 commenti:

  1. Really nice work. Looks great!

  2. Just lovely Michele. I like this for many reasons but chiefly because it shows the daily lives of real people. History often neglects to tell their story focusing rather on great and noble deeds. Many of the did not write so we do not what they thought or how they felt.

    To answer your question-I would be most honored to work with you. It would be a joy and a pleasure.

    Thank you

    1. thanks Anne. I feel exactly like you are the aspects of ordinary people and everyday life that interest me the most. Mine is an attempt (perhaps a little ambitious) to create the atmosphere of a day "any" in a place of passato.Sono happy that the idea of ​​work you liked. P.S. : I can not post it on your blog! Why? greetings

  3. Michele is this a complete 28 mm diorama, or did you play with the perspective? Bigger figures in the back, and the small ones (1/72) in front?

    They look all great painted, and the scenery is top class!


  4. the dio is all 28 mm. Maybe it's the photos that give the impression that you say. But there are also children (which are obviously lower) and probably this?