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martedì 30 ottobre 2012

Un arco di mattoni / A brick arch

Questo lavoro è stato fatto utilizzando un "nuovo" materiale ( Eulithe), particolarmente versatile per la riproduzione in scala di strutture murarie. La scultura risulta più agevole rispetto al polistirene estruso e la perdita di materiale durante la lavorazione davvero minima. Per tutti i dettagli e lo shopping online :

This work was done using a "new" material (Eulithe), particularly versatile for small scale reproduction of masonry structures. The sculpture is easier compared to extruded polystyrene and the loss of material during the processing really minimal. For full details and online shopping:

6 commenti:

  1. You make it look so easy my friend. If only my hands held the talent of yours, I'd be a happy woman indeed.

  2. Hello Anne, soon I'll do a real tutorial. So you can see it is not so difficult. And remember: if something you like eventually succeed. Thank you for your kind words!

  3. I wish my young hands and eye's were not hindered by my hand-eye co-ordination or lack of; and my shakey hands. as I would love to do this, the only problem is my shakey hands and my poor hand-eye co-ordination, as stated, really does not help when your trying to do precise detail when your hand always moves the wrong way grips the brush or pen or whatever else I am using in a manner that is ineffective and abouve all else it is annoying to not be able to stop my hands from shaking half the time :-( I wouls love to use materials like this but I fear that I would never be able to master the skills needed.

  4. Dear friend, you know how to do beautiful things and I am always happy to look at them. I advise you to try, with patience, but above all to take this hobby as fun. We are not professionals but people who love this hobby and have fun doing it. A big hug

  5. THANKS I am just not in a good state of mind right now with this illness. always nice to hear encouragement from a fellow blogger. have a nice week. a big hug back.

    1. thanks to you, Gowan. May God protect you.