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lunedì 1 ottobre 2012

Medieval townsfolk 2 (Nikolai)

       A set beautifully sculpted, from Germania Figuren                    

the Jesuit

8 commenti:

  1. very nice figures! I am off too see the others you posted too.

  2. tx Gowan.I have two other sets of this beautiful series (1 and 5) I'm painting. Ciao!

  3. Lovely painting Michele. I really like the jeuit and the red/white combination on the guy reading the book

  4. tx Paul ,the combination red / white was suggested by the figure on the package......hope that some little progress are visible, i'm working a lot to emprove my painting and you are one of my best source to learn it. thank you!

  5. Sorry for the delay Michele!
    very good painting work : better and better you are.
    The Jesuit is my preferred one.

    They are for the next dio ?

  6. Tx Sam. for my next job (about discovery of Brazil) I bought many figures, some already painted by Paul. In this large group will choose those to be included in the diorama. Now I'm finally assembling the diorama about the tournament and soon there will be photos of it. I've added almost all the figures you sent me except a few that I will use for some other work (your material is precious!). See you soon.

  7. Excellent painted figures Michele! I like them all!