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martedì 22 aprile 2014

A new UPDATE on palestinian scenery

6 commenti:

  1. Hola
    Muy bueno esa escena
    un saludo

  2. E proprio splendido , complimenti per il tuo lavoro di un realismo impressionante .
    Vincent .

  3. many thanks to all my friends. It's always a honour to me

  4. A perfect "Michele art work" !!
    I would like to learn your technical ways !

  5. dear Pascal,I am a self-taught and work on instinct, I try to learn "on the job" and every time I try to invent something original, just inspired to recreate an architectural genre but without anything really existing. This is an ideal Bethlehem, built in one go, without a preliminary drawing. So, every time I start a new job, I never know what will come of it. is always a surprise to me as it is for you and I hope it is a pleasant surprise. Thanks