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martedì 4 dicembre 2012

Una vecchia fontana / An old fountain

10 commenti:

  1. Bellissimo lavoro Michele , come a fatto l'acqua ?

    1. thanks Vincent! water? with patience ....... just kidding. So I used the hot glue gun, placing a small drop of glue at the end of the tube and waited to spontaneously drop to stretch forming a thread. Sometimes you need to make more than one attempt. Thanks for watching

  2. looks very good... makes me want to have some water

  3. in our hobby it is 'nt a good idea drink water, ehehehehhehe but i'm very happy that this work appear real!!! a big hug!

  4. We will drink wine instead of water Michele! Just keep the glass away from the rinse water!

    Beautiful fountain and thank you for explaining how you got the water effect to Vincent!

  5. Another great work: you always stun me !
    fresh water is for summer Michele! in winter we need something... her... a little bit "stronger" !
    I like the green moss effect on the fountain: very realistic!

  6. Thank you all for following this new job. Unfortunately they are very late to finish and this forces me to overlook some of your blogs. I hope to finish on time. Meanwhile, I offer the beer to Anne and Pascal and all those who are "indigestible" the water of the dioramas, ehehehehehe. See you soon!