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giovedì 17 maggio 2012

Un cortile (scala 1/43)/ A courtyard (scale 1/43)

Uno dei miei primi lavori ( 2005). Scala 1/43 ,in polistirene riciclato e cartoncino, pittura acrilica. One of my early work (2005). 1/43 scale, recycled polystyrene and cardboard, acrylic paint.

2 commenti:

  1. That´s quite amazing! Especially as it is re-cycled polystyrene, and cardboard.

    1. When I built this model does not yet know what and how ... were the first attempts. Then I focused on biblical dioramas, which will soon be publishing something. Then ... "some guys on a forum" made ​​me absolutely fall in love with 1/72 scale and painting of the figures .... maybe you know someone ... ehehehehehehe